Already for more then 20 years, the French bulldog is our biggest passion ! We breeding this fantastic breed in the first place for ourselves, to bring out a beautiful Frenchie at the different dogshows and to expend our own bloodlines.


We are member of the Belgian French bulldog club and breeding according the rules of this breed association. All our French bulldogs are owner of an official pedigree of Sint-Hubertus (FCI).


Only "the best" is good ennough for our puppies ! All the little ones are raised in our own home and are part of the family. Hereby they are already socialised when it is time that they moving to their new homes.  Not  everyone is suitable to own a "De Longcourville" puppy ! To find a suitable and loving home for our sweethearts, a personal contact with te prospective owners is necessary ! After an appointment you are always welcome to to get acquainted with us and our Frenchies.


On the next pages we keep you informed about upcomming litters and available puppies. Are you interested ?.....or do you want more information... don't hesitate to contact us.

P A S S I O N   F O R   F R E N C H I E S

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